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2017-04-14 07:47 pm
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Good Friday with the Saints of Heresy & the Sages of Blasphemy

I have an interesting relationship with Christianity~ and to be fair, it started before I was born. My mother was born into a mixed marriage. Her father was (Irish) Catholic and her mother was (Hungarian) Methodist. My father's family was the opposite: (Irish) Catholic mother and (Hungarian) Methodist father. Needless to say, family get-togethers were entertaining.

For myself, from a young age, I noticed that the parishioners (of either religious flavour) were as sweet as could be to your face on Sunday, but wouldn't piss up your arse on Monday if your kidneys were on fire. This always struck me as wrong -- and I came to the conclusion that I was probably the only person in the congregation(s) actually listening to the words in red when they were read to the people.

I also was always drawn to the inherent esoteric mysticism within Gnostic Christianity -- which was/is a big 'no-no' in the dogmatic structure of the church(es). Needless to say, I gave absolutely no fucks and continued my own spiritual explorations without the added benefit of the benedictions of either sect.

So here I am, sat at my table, eating baked haddock (seasoned with lemon grass, garlic, and a hint of red pepper) thinking about my mom and watching the sun set over a verdant line of trees that have 'miraculously' regreened after winter's embrace.

I am not, as my children reminded me when we went shopping for fish, a good Christian, but I am a decent mystic. May the Mysteries reveal themselves to you this weekend, and may the blessings of Spring find you in good health.
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2017-03-28 07:04 pm
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Suddenly, it is spring~

Image of cherry blossoms on 04 March, 2017 from Cherry Blossom Watch.The seasons have been at war with each other this year. We have had alternating weeks of summer temperatures followed by deep winter. All of the trees, birds, amphibians, and insects have been confused. The morning that this photo was captured, a lone Robin Redbreast (Turdus migratorius) sat with feathers puffed out against the cold looking at me, quite affronted that it was cold, wet, and dreary. The ornamental pear blossoms were also encased in ice, making them, for once, beautiful to my eyes. I am not a fan of white pollen, nor it of me.

Fortunately, it seems that the seasons are moderating now that we’ve passed the Vernal equinox. I say that with a large grain of salt, a knock on wood, and cautiously knowing that we’re really never truly clear of sudden snap freezes here until mid-May.

On a more personal level, I am moderating my own body clock now that DST has begun again. I struggle with it each spring. I am not, by natural inclination, an early riser. The fresh sunlight in the mornings prior to DST was lovely as it helped ease me into the new day. We’re gradually getting back to that, but the first week of suddenly awakening back up in darkness was a chore. The household animal companions are also settling into the new schedule and beginning to be up and alert in the to keep me company. The cats have been enjoying the return of the migratory birds visiting and feeding on the lawn. It’s entertaining to see three fuzzy bottoms peeking out from beneath the curtains, tails twitching almost in syncopation.

The dog, on the other hand, knows that this warming trend means longer walks and visits to the dog park. Which leads to more baths. Dog park visits mean lots of stinky stuff to roll in, as do visits to the beach. Other dogs might appreciate the care and dedication he takes in cultivating this funk, but other dogs don’t have to worry about upholstery becoming saturated with funk.

So, while it has been a strange unfolding of spring so far, there are at least familiar, comforting harbingers of winter's end present. I will keep my eyes and ears open to the other, more subtle clues beginning to arrive.

Image of cherry blossoms on 04 March, 2017 from Cherry Blossom Watch.
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2017-02-08 10:27 am

Drive by Goddess

Twice daily, I drive by Mary — a perpetually bored and disappointed Madonna planted in the garden, her arms eternally extended in benediction to an increasingly oblivious humanity.

Some days, I drive by unheeding, caught up in the sleepy rush of pre-caffeinated working life… an ungrateful child, indeed.

Other days, I spy her, Goddess mantled in stellar blue, bridging the worlds: Crescent moon cradling the earth at her feet with the serpent and its apple curled around lunar horns~
Arms extended, sharing the blessings of the solar realms with us all… perpetually hoping that we eventually (re)kindle our own divine spark.
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2017-01-11 07:56 pm
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Winter's hart~

Deep in the heart-wood that reaches upward to crown the sacred hill, Callieach's white hart stamps the ground.

Antlered head cocks to one side as he listens to the birds speaking; sharing the best places to forage and the ones to avoid due to prowling cats and foxes seeking to put on winter fat. Once more the hart stamps the ground, steam rising from his nostrils to collect in clouds rising to crown his antlers. The conversation changes and he listens to wolves singing of winter winds and empty bellies; best to run and hunt lest winter stalk them later.

He nods in assent and his breath curls more around each point on his head. He bows his head to the ground under the growing weight. So he stands, waiting -- impatiently -- for the Queen of winter to gather his breath on her staff and spin out the snow-heavy clouds of winter.