Sep. 22nd, 2018

ashtoreth: (still life with halloween)

1. Do you have the urge to do a Fall/Spring cleaning as soon as the weather turns?  Normally, yes.  I like to do a spring and a fall cleaning, to get the old energy out and the new in, but this year, school has already mentally exhausted me to the point that I don't want to do anything on my free time.

2. What tells you that the season (a certain smell, a certain taste, that sort of thing) has changed?  
The quality of the sunlight. Sister sun changes how she shines as she moves through the sky. 

3. What do you look forward to the most with the change of seasons?
Fresh energetic starts. 

4. What is something that you probably should accomplish but won’t this season?
I don't know yet. I haven't yet sat down to plan out my Q4 goals.

5. What is the most enjoyable part of the oncoming season for you?
Nothing. This year, I want to hold onto summer. I was finally getting back on track with my core self and recharging my batteries. Summer was fantastic. Then I went back into the classroom, and after  14 days with students, I'm exhausted and ready to throw in the towel. To keep myself forward thinking and hopeful, I'll be trying local apple orchards for their seasonl selections. 

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