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Jun. 25th, 2017 01:04 pm
catness: (fuckupfairy)
[personal profile] catness
So, Pokémon GO gym rehaul ruined the game for me. To save the rant: the game heavily shifted towards casual players, while screwing up the dedicated players. Serves me right, to get dependent on somebody else's framework. Good thing that I have a healthy variety of hobbies and other exciting activities to keep my life full. Oh, I forgot - I don't.

Venom aside, seeing how hard is it to keep me enthusiastic about anything, what was the exact combination of magical ingredients provided by PoGo? Maybe it can be reproduced elsewhere?

* Competitive but without explicit interaction/socializing. Ok, that's a lot of multiplayer games, MOOCS and other social sites. Such as Hogwarts (where I still didn't get around to completing my 2nd round of homework...)

* Focused on (non-strenuous) physical activity as opposed to intellectual. (I do enough thinking at work... it's refreshing to push my ass around, for a change!) Ok, that still leaves a lot of fitness apps and social networks.

* Doesn't take itself seriously - is a game, not gamification. It's not about counting kilometers, reps and calories, but about catching, raising and battling imaginary creatures. And that leaves... nothing?

Well, it was fun while it lasted. (I still tag along, but much more casually, and with very little satisfaction.) Is there, perhaps, another successful recipe? Not involving solo competition, physical activity and/or gaming, but involving something else that escapes me?

My Own Ink-Beast

Jun. 25th, 2017 02:01 am
[syndicated profile] magaly_feed

Posted by Magaly Guerrero

Freaks are like everyone else, we are just freaky about being… and beautiful. If you are a Beautiful Freaks Fest participant, searching for a place to add your latest entry, follow the link. If you have stopped ... Read more...
elf: Silhoette of autumn scene; one glitch sitting on a park bench, another leaping in the air (Glitch - Autumn Day)
[personal profile] elf
This gets interesting, because "reminds me of summertime" often has nothing to do with the contents of the song. I spent a good portion of my preteen and early teen summers in Arkansas, so there are a swarm of country & bluegrass songs that I think of as "summery" because that's when I heard them. But those aren't the only ones I think of as "summertime" songs.

Cotton Jenny | I'm Gonna Hire a Wino | Out of the Frying Pan (And into the Fire) | Delta Dawn | Lady Takes the Cowboy Every Time | Cruel Summer | Stay Young | Good Vibrations | Nobody | Boys of Summer

And one I associate with summer both because of how I first heard it and the contents )Meme list

Swan Knight's Sword

Jun. 24th, 2017 04:20 pm
marycatelli: (Golden Hair)
[personal profile] marycatelli posting in [community profile] book_love
Swan Knight's Sword by John C. Wright

Third and final book in the Green Knight's Squire trilogy. Serious spoilers ahead.

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Feast of the Elfs

Jun. 23rd, 2017 11:49 pm
marycatelli: (Golden Hair)
[personal profile] marycatelli posting in [community profile] book_love
Feast of the Elfs by John C. Wright

Second book in the Green Knight's Squire trilogy. Serious spoilers ahead.
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Donald the Conqueror

Jun. 23rd, 2017 08:20 pm
izmeina: a big eared American eagle listening to everything (echelon)
[personal profile] izmeina
This place is supposed to be a Trump free zone but some fan art pictures are just too amusing for this serpent to keep all to herself

A lying vulture sitting on his ass would be a more appropriate description for such a grand swords and sandals epic

And anyway, since when do real lions consort with sneaky foxes? The inner Slytherin is disgusted already
[syndicated profile] magaly_feed

Posted by Magaly Guerrero

Are you ready to celebrate everything unique (especially when the uniqueness in question comes with a serviceable hammer and a grin full of pretty teeth)? I know you are, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. So, ... Read more...

My Sweet Night-Mare

Jun. 23rd, 2017 12:59 pm
[syndicated profile] magaly_feed

Posted by Magaly Guerrero

Living is ink and want and him… a stitched story that has never been, a knowing smile that leaves logic and metaphors ashamed of being as unreal as words never felt. We kiss in books, on grass, ... Read more...
elf: Musical notation from the Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz, with quote "Like a dirigible" (Dirigible)
[personal profile] elf
For this one, I also have a swarm to choose from. Probably not as many as color-songs, though; I like lots of songs with numbers in the chorus but not in the titles. I think I'm going to bypass the entire Schoolhouse Rock set (I like all of them, but especially Zero My Hero, Figure Eight, and Little Twelvetoes) and try to stick to "mainstream" songs, or at least, songs intended to be standalones rather than part of something else. (Mainstream's in quotes because I have some filk here; if you don't know what they are, they'd be hard to track down.)

Christmas at Ground Zero | One Tin Soldier | Two of Us | Threes | Wind's Four Quarters | Five Years | Six Days on the Road | Seven Year Ache | 867-5309 | 9 to 5 | At Seventeen | 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover | '65 Love Affair | 88 Lines about 44 Women | 99 Luftballons ...

Wow, there's a lot of mopey in that list. I should pick something that's a bit more perky.
One bouncy cheerful number song, coming up. )

Swan Knight's Son

Jun. 22nd, 2017 10:24 pm
marycatelli: (Golden Hair)
[personal profile] marycatelli posting in [community profile] book_love
Swan Knight's Son by John C. Wright

The first in the Green Knight's Squire trilogy.

Gil, just thrown out of school, is asleep in a park when a raven wakes him. He learns that magic is afoot with all sorts of people walking their sleep, but he manages to take refuge in an abandoned church, with the help of a monk named Francis.
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Sunrise Sunset

Jun. 22nd, 2017 07:00 pm
[syndicated profile] gardenofeden_feed

Posted by susanscott


We returned home from being away in Plettenberg Bay this last Sunday. I took this photo on 12th June from the balcony of the bedroom in Plett. It was taken at 8.06 a.m. the morning of my birthday. We’d arrived the previous day. It was a lovely sight to begin the day in spite of the lingering haze from the smoke of the fires in Knysna, Plett and surrounding areas in the recent week.  

I wanted to put up a post on the Winter Solstice, acknowledging this particular time – for us in the southern hemisphere it means a time of going inward, germinating, lying low, the soil resting, cold, frost – for you in the northern hemisphere, a time of warmth and bursts of colour as Nature reveals herself in all her glory. 

But I didn’t put up a post. The 20th June was the anniversary of my severe car accident 4 years ago; yesterday was the anniversary of our moving into our townhouse 4 years ago, the day I was released from hospital. 

Two days ago on the 20th June I was in my car, very aware of the anniversary. A taxi nearly took me out at the traffic lights as I was about to make a right turn. It went through the red lights – a bright blue van. Later on, when I was returning home, there was a terrible car accident at a different set of traffic lights near where I live. Two vehicles were involved. One car was upturned. The officials were doing a good job of directing traffic.  Ambulances and a fire engine were on the scene. Later on that day, I was alerted to an earlier shooting of someone dead in a Bentley in the road much further down – also close to where I live. A ‘hit’ is currently assumed –

The name of the main road which is close to me is South Rd. A car accident at the top of South Rd, and a shooting at the bottom end of it. Top and bottom … it gave me cause for pause …

Not that this is the only matter that gives me cause for pause. I feel a pausing on many levels. I wonder if I’m a pessimist, or an optimist; or a mixture of the two. A pessimistic optimist – or an optimistic pessimist. Or just simply caught in the opposites. Never a comfortable place to be.

Maybe this is the time to pause – as I did today, going through my photographs of the week spent in Plett. Both sons were with us, our elder son Mike in his lovely new home, and younger son David with Jüte his wife visiting from Cape Town. Hence my decision in putting up the sunrise photo and writing a blog while feeling ‘happy’ looking at the pics remembering that special time.

I messaged both of them on Tuesday to thank them for their assistance 4 years ago when they were both in Johannesburg to help with the packing and the move and when I had the car accident.

David responded: “Was a very hectic day – still don’t like thinking about it. But it’s also good to be reminded of it & to ponder the fragility of life. That incident taught me to savour each moment I get to spend with family, and not to take you, dad, Mike or Jüte for granted”. Mike said much the same thing in response. I was also reminded of my dear friend Lyndy, now just 3 months gone, of saying so often to me as she lay dying, don’t postpone doing what you want to do, just do it …

The sunset photo is from a long while ago, in the bush. Though it makes me think of Lyndy and therefore feel sad, I see the beauty in it.

Sunrise-sunset, pessimistic-optimistic, energised-enervated, happy-sad, top-bottom, above-below, life-death, north-south, east-west, new moon-full moon and all the phases and pauses in between. May the new moon in the next night or so bring you renewal and joy.

Thank you for reading.


[syndicated profile] magaly_feed

Posted by Magaly Guerrero

If the nearness of the Beautiful Freaks Fest (it starts tomorrow at 9:00am, EDT) is making your muse (and you) feel a tad insane, know that you’re not alone. So, be happy—feeling crazy, while in the company ... Read more...


Jun. 22nd, 2017 04:14 pm
catness: (characters)
[personal profile] catness
Kentucky Route Zero is an indie point&click adventure game by Cardboard Computer. It takes place in a weird, possibly post-apocalyptic, world. The MC is a truck driver who needs to make a delivery to a customer, but he can't find the address. In search of that elusive address, he travels the roads to and fro, meets various people, and teams up with some of them for mutual help.

This game, despite technically being 3D, feels like a text adventure game, due to the amount of textual descriptions, dialogues and monologues, and its nearly-monochrome aesthetics. (It even heavily references The Colossal Cave Adventure at one point.) There are practically no puzzles; it's less of a game and more of an interactive experience / choose-your-own-adventure, fluid and continuously adjusting to the player's choices: the characters' memories and emotions, picked by the player, are incorporated into the subsequent story.

Graphics is rather sketchy, with the characters looking like cardboard models, but stylish. No voice acting, but pleasant background music. The dark, semi-ruined world, is intriguing and mysterious. The story, though... what story?

The plot is largely incoherent, constantly straying from the main goal for small unrelated quests, which become more and more absurd. There are abrupt POV changes, and zillions of neverending conversations, revealing backstories of minor characters which briefly appear and disappear without affecting the plot. (I'd guess most of them are Kickstarter sponsors? ;) It contains clever references to pop culture figures and phenomena (I recognized Roberta Williams!), but perhaps I'm too ignorant to appreciate such details. The background of the world itself - the only thing that kept me curious - remains a mystery, with more and more unexplained stuff piling up, and no resolutions whatsoever.

The game is atmospheric, especially the bureaucratic subplot which strongly reminded me on Kafka. But atmosphere alone is not enough to keep the story engaging. Eventually I was so bored, I just clicked through the dialogues as fast as possible (and discovered that some cutscenes are non-skippable and non-speedable, so you have to sit through the whole thing). The 4th episode (only 4 out of 5 have been released so far) ends on a cliffhanger, and I'm not even sure I want to play the last one when it's out.

I give it 2/5. Pity... I wanted to love this game, but I don't "get" it. I suppose it's too subtle and artsy for me.
elf: Petalwing, singing (Petalwing Singing)
[personal profile] elf
Really? Just one? I have a whole rainbow of songs I like with colors in the title: Crimson and Clover | Orange Crush | Big Yellow Taxi | Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine | Crystal Blue Persuasion | Purple People Eater | Lavender's Blue ...and then we get to colors not in the official rainbow set... Bad Bad Leroy Brown | Whiter Shade of Pale | Touch of Grey | Black Hole Sun | Pink Shoe Laces | Sister Golden Hair | Maxwell's Silver Hammer...

Gah. Have to pick just one.

I'm going with pirates. )

30 Day Song Meme

Jun. 21st, 2017 11:29 pm
elf: Musical notation from the Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz, with quote "Like a dirigible" (Dirigible)
[personal profile] elf
Stealing this from [personal profile] kshandra. I decided I should blog more, and telling myself to blog more about Important And Interesting Things isn't working, so I should try one of those "blog every day" things. (I've never done well at them.) This time, I picked something easy and fun instead of something that requires Deep Thought that I usually don't have by the end of my workday.

So: 30 days of songs, which are likely to be YouTube embeds (but maybe not, because I have a great love for a lot of filk that's never made it to YouTube); some are likely to get a lot of commentary, and others are likely to be "here it is, end of the day... um, have a music thing."


List of Songs to Post Later )
[syndicated profile] runesoup_feed

Posted by Gordon

This week we are speaking to Dr Beatriz Labate. Bia is an anthropologist and author or editor of dozens of books and academic papers on psychedelics. She is one of the world’s leading experts on ayahuasca culture and indigeneity.

I have been trying to get our calendars to line up for most of this year so I was very much looking forward to our conversation. Download the episode directly here or listen along on YouTube below.


Show Notes

Sudden Rescue

Jun. 21st, 2017 08:14 pm
marycatelli: (Golden Hair)
[personal profile] marycatelli posting in [community profile] book_love
Sudden Rescue by Jon Mollison

Ah, the trials and adventures of E.Z. Sudden, master and sole crewmember of a tramp starship, Jade Rose. In a galaxy with a human civilization held together by nobles and royals, threatened by an AI civilization of genocidal intent -- he has problems of his own.

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Meeting at the midnight hour

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